Welcome to Tropical Foods and Takeaway!

Tropical Foods and Takeaway is a family run Indian and Islander store. For our Indian and Islander community, we provide food from home.

At Tropical Foods and Takeaway, we provide quality Pacific Islander and Indian groceries and products at affordable and competitive prices. We also sell a range of delicious hot takeaway food.

Our owners are from the Pacific Islands, and we know that the best food in the world comes from our home!

We keep food from Fiji, New Zealand, India, Tonga and Samoa.

Why shop at Tropical Foods and Takeaway?


We have been in the grocery business for years, and know the best Brands and Products in both Indian and Pacific Islander foods. They are our specialty.


We keep the freshest produce and the best products. For example, all of our Taro is brought in by Air Freight, which keeps it fresh. We know quality ingredients create better meals!


We keep our prices low. We believe the profits belong to the people growing and making the food, the people from our homes, and our prices reflect that. Come in and compare!

Our Hot Food range includes Boiled and Baked Taro, Roasted Lamb Flaps, Fiji Style Stir Fries and Chow Mein, Palusami and Baked Fish. We also bake Pani Popo fresh in store. Hot Food is available Thursday to Sunday.

Our Island range includes Frozen Cassava, Fresh and Frozen Taro, Green Bananas, NZ Ice Cream, Tinned Beef and Mutton, Kara Coconut Cream, Tinned Mackerel, Curlies and Rashuns and heaps more.

Our Indian range includes Spices and Spice Mixes, Frozen Indian and Fijian Veges, and a range of Dhal, Rice and Flour, Fresh Yogurt and Paneer and heaps more!

We keep a huge range of Pooja Items as well!

For more information call or contact us, or come and see us in store!